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Over 60 million homes in the U.S. utilize propane, whether for home heating, water heating, clothes drying, or cooking on a stovetop or an outdoor grill. Although propane is a very safe and environmentally friendly energy option, there are many tips you and your family members can follow to ensure your continued safety when using propane.

The propane industry believes that good safety habits should be adopted at a young age, and that the more children and teens know about propane, the fewer preventable accidents will occur.

The games and activities on this website are designed to teach your children or students:

  • What propane is and where it comes from
  • How propane is used in and around your home
  • How to recognize the smell of propane
  • What to do in case of emergency, such as a propane leak
  • Additional general safety tips

Although this site is targeted toward children, it is strongly encouraged that all family members participate in learning more about good propane safety practices. After all, your family’s safety is what matters most.

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