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Your Role in Propane Safety

For over ten years, PERC has been dedicated to supporting and promoting the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source. PERC and the propane industry recognize that consumer safety is a top priority for you. Through workforce training and consumer safety brochures, pamphlets, radio spots, and even interactive e-learning modules, many propane marketers have taken advantage of these tools to reach out to their communities.

PropaneKids as a Consumer Safety Education Tool

PropaneKids was developed as part of an ongoing effort to educate younger consumers on good propane safety habits. PERC and the propane industry believe that good safety habits should be adopted at a young age, and that the more children and teens know about propane, the fewer preventable accidents will occur.

The games and activities on this website are designed to teach younger consumers between pre-K and K through middle school:

  • What propane is and how it is used in homes, farms, etc.
  • How and where propane is stored safely
  • Environmental benefits of propane
  • How to identify the smell of propane
  • What to do if they smell a possible propane leak

Reaching Out to Your Community

Educating members of your community about propane safety can be as easy as setting up a booth at a local fair or community event and handing out safety brochures, visiting school classrooms to talk to students about good safety practices in their homes, or even adding a link to on your company's website.

If you would like to become affiliated with PropaneKids, please send an e-mail to support[at]propanekids[dot]com.

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