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How to Use This Site

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Max, Kate, Scout, and Sniffy are on a mission: play and learn! And propane expert Jim is there to make sure they're all taking the proper safety precautions!

Each game and activity on the site highlights an important safety tip or essential information about propane, such as how to detect the smell of propane or when you should have an adult test your home’s gas, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Games are broken down into three levels:

Level 1: Suggested grades pre-K to K
Level 2: Suggested grades 1–3
Level 3: Suggested grades 4 and up

We understand that every child learns at a different pace, so encourage your students to challenge themselves at whichever level you/they feel is appropriate for them.

Several activities can be completed on the computer as well as off the computer. When you see the “Print ‘n Play” icon, this means you can download and print out that activity and complete it in the classroom. “Print ‘n Play” is helpful for teachers who do not have a computer available for each student in the classroom. Click here to go to the downloadable resources for a complete set of printable games and activities.

Activities for the Classroom is another great resource. These activities consist of interactive games and experiments to involve the entire class in learning about science and propane safety. A printout of these activities can be found in the teaching activity guide.

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